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Monday, July 26th, 2004

Subject:More Centauri Drama and Telepathic Turnmoil from LCG
Time:1:08 pm.
Mood: amused.
I didn't expect to update so soon after the last one, but those muses have been busy.

1) londo_mollari: ignored the rather sensible advice Talia gave him after her scan to consult a technomage about the havoc the rogue technomages wrought with his mind and decided he and G'Kar were entitled to a relaxing evening a deux. Which went rather well, until Londo made the mistake of asking G'Kar, who was still troubled by the possibility of his own mind being messed with, who could have been interested in setting the two of them up for a relationship. This caused G'Kar to race back to Talia and demand a second scan. The results were spectacular, and spectacularily unpleasant. Seems Tu'Pari, last heard of when G'Kar had infiltrated his conspiracy and killed him, had been on to G'Kar and used a Minbari telepath to program G'Kar to do a couple of things, including joining the Rangers. Upon hearing this, G'Kar concluded that his feelings for Londo must also have been the result of said sleeper program, and broadcasted his indignation and abhorrence at the mere idea of being involved with his old enemy to all and sunder. Londo took this as well as you'd expect. (We're still waiting for the Narn to sue on G'Kar's behalf for all the property destroyed.) He had now reached his breaking point; think Interludes and Examinations, and decided to concentrate on politics with a vengeance. Always a dangerous thing when Londo is in this kind of mood.

Looking at all the dithering and non-progress the Army of Light had made re: Clark in recent months (on account of us living in the t_m world, of course *g*), he came to the conclusion that another strategy altogether was asked for, and proposed an alliance to Alfred Bester. Expected results are a Psi Corps take-over coup on Earth, supported by Centauri money and weapons, and Bester dealing with the four rogue technomages who had kidnapped Londo in his own unique fashion.

Vir tried his best to dissuade Londo from this dangerous new course, in vain. But at least he got to hear Londo's reasons in detail, as well as the idea Londo has for ensuring Bester won't double-cross him. However, the next morning Londo found a message from Timov announcing her impending arrival and is currently berating his poor aide , for it's clear who organized this. Stay tuned.

3) tm_carolyn: Carolyn had an interesting chat about history with Agent Dana Scully. Then things got dramatic when Bester asked her to scan Londo in order to verify Londo's offer was genuine and not Shadow-influenced. Being rather worried about all possible outcomes of the planned enterprise (an Earth ruled by Psi Corps looks like the rock to the hard place a Clark-ruled Earth where Bester gets arrested for a failed coup would be for her), she couldn't talk about this with her usual friends for obvious reasons. However, Vir was in the same position, and they commiserated quite a bit. Carolyn gave Vir the advice which resulted in the Timov invitation, and the two are resolved to save Londo and Bester from themselves.

3) galaxygab: had their new edition published and were thrilled by the success of the guest column which their new employee, our_spring_ice, had written on Scorpius. That is, chief editor Willy Dernam was; reporter Den Randall, currently still undercover with Crichton & Co., is jealous as hell and plans to approach Crichton on the way back to get an exclusive of his own. Meanwhile, Giselle Burton sparred with Cally and plans to write a tell-all on the B7 telepath. She also recruited shall_mayan as the magazine's new agony aunt, and was delighted to see Shall Mayan deliver Lennier and his inner secrets to the public already.
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Monday, July 5th, 2004

Subject:Update from LCG
Time:9:40 pm.
Mood: busy.
Oh, boy. Do I ever need to update. Well, I was abroad. However, the muses have been busy.

1) londo_mollari: When last I updated, he had just persuaded _delenn to have some hurt/comfort sex together, what with him being depressed about G'Kar and her missing Sheridan. This went as well as you'd expect B5's most unlikely pairing to go. Londo then tried to demonstrate his lack of need for G'Kar by organizing a fashion show. This actually did go well - kerr_avon was a great model, and the price for funniest snark between judges goes to mr_morden and ranger_wun - except for the part where Londo didn't convince himself at all.

So, the next morning, he faced the music and send a message to G'Kar, asking him to come back. This being Londo, and the universe being out to get him, fate struck again, and Londo got abducted. By a bunch of rogue technomages, for the record, who have found a way to access the magic and psychic powers of various universes. Their plan was to stage something like Sheridan's return from the dead, with themselves in the role of Lorien, then use Londo as their front man for conquering the galaxies.

Weeks later, with Vir on the trail of the technomages, and an intervention by Na'Toth which everyone still has to find out about (i.e. it will be discovered once the Na'Toth Mun gets back), Londo got transported back. This resulted in a reunion with G'Kar and G'Kar moving in, which, as the Vorlons would say, is a three-edged sword. Especially since he brought his disciples along as well, not to mention his rocks. (No, the other ones.)

Meanwhile, Vir had spent all his money when trying to find leads to Londo's safety, so Londo restored Vir's fortune, with, this being Londo, some ruthlessness and blackmail involved. Unfortunately, Vir was as determined not to let Londo out of his sight again as G'Kar was, so the inevitable happend. Just when Londo and G'Kar had a great time exploring the benefits of kinky alien sex, Vir came in, and promptly wished to go blind on the spot.

Clearly, radical measures were called for to ensure future privacy. Also, with all the distress Vir had been under lately, he deserved a present. So Londo hired Inara (from Firefly) to deflower Vir and introduce him to the joy of female company in general for a few days. When Vir apologized for the earlier incident, Londo told him. We'll see how Vir takes it.*g*

Far more serious was a message from Damar reporting Na'Toth's mysterious death. G'Kar promptly lost it, and Londo suggested going to Cardassia to investigate, hoping the journey would help G'Kar cope. With Draal refusing to send them physically (because Na'Toth had messed up the time line enough already), our two boys arrived on Cardassia in time for Na'Toth's burial. G'Kar and Damar snarled at each other, and Londo found himself in the unfamiliar and unwanted position of being the most reasonable person around. He did figure out, however, that Na'Toth didn't die but rather had her time stabilizer destroyed and thus can be brought back; the device is currently in the hands of Draal and the Zathras brothers.

This mystery solved (in a manner of speaking), Londo and G'Kar returned to the station, and the strains of Londo's captivity began to show. Unsure whether the rogue technomages left any nasty surprises, he decided to get himself scanned by a telepath.

2.) tm_carolyn: Carolyn was approached by a mysterious stranger, who turned out to be none other than shamanx, who had had an unpleasant run-in with Bester and is best friends with Morden and the Shadows. (And then there's his alternate personality and the fact the One Ring has him in its claws.) After a period of uncertaintity whether his offer to help her get her implants removed was genuine, Carolyn asked her friend varzil_neskaya for his assessment of the situation. Varzil got some sense of the schizophrenia and Ring business, and both he and Carolyn broke off the contact post haste.

Deciding that she needed more formal training (which as a rogue she never got, except for some bits and pieces here and there by other rogues, and the months in the detention center), Carolyn started the telepathic equivalent of evening classes and linked with Varzil and his circle from the Darkover universe. After some intensive training (i.e. after the weeks of the Mun's absence), the Tower folk gave her a matrix, which was duly transported into B5's medlab and put together with her frozen body by Dr. Franklin.

Since Darkovan matrices serve to enhance and focus psi abilities, Carolyn will be able to manifest a projection of herself for a while (at first only half an hour, then an hour, etc.), which will undoubtedly ease her interaction with the others. It will also allow her extend her telepathic reach considerably. However, it makes her vulnerable as well. Once a matrix is connected to a telepath, its removal can cause madness or at the very least extreme pain. And there are several parties interested in a psi-boosting device...

3) galaxygab: Is in the process of preparing its next edition and has hired our_spring_ice, aka the alter ego of The One Ring, as another reporter. However, Anella has yet to deliver that Scorpius exclusive...
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Thursday, June 17th, 2004

Subject:So what IS it about Vir and angry Narns anyway?
Time:2:26 am.
Mood: busy.
selenak is back! Yay! Now I can totally rat my fellow mun out. Seriously, Se, Sab was the biggest slacker evah. Do you know how many times I had to threaten to fly to California and kick her Narn ass? *g* Here I was, poor little Two Jobs H, carrying all of the water for this storyline… actually, no, to be fair, g_shadowslayer and rogersmith_bigo contributed a lot and totally rocked my world, while natoth_muse and shadow_anna stepped up to the plate wonderfully when they were called. But anyway, while poor little me was doing all this work, Sab was content to sit and stare at candles all day. Jeez! *g*

Aw, Sab, you know I love you. *g*

Anyway, for Se’s benefit, here’s my consolidation of timov_of_algul’s and vir_cotto_tm’s recent activities- a tale of woe and frightening portents and foolish acts of bravery and, of course, some obligatory Vir torture (for which there shall be recompense if I have anything to say about it *stern glare*).

The Kidnapping Plot of DOOM!

When word reaches the vacationing Vir and Timov that Londo has been abducted, Vir naturally panics, but is immediately calmed by sensible Timov. Unfortunately for Vir, Timov does not accompany him on his emergency journey back to Babylon 5 aboard White Star 8, leaving him stuck with G’Kar, who takes out his anger and guilt on Vir and makes him cry. Meanie. But Vir, being tougher than many give him credit for, bucks up and sends a message to Garibaldi asking to be included in the investigation. Garibaldi fills Vir in on everything they’ve found so far (a map of an alien space station, a gold currency, and a wand from a place called Olivander’s, which Draco Malfoy identifies as a gift he gave Anna Sheridan, all of which were found at the crime scene)… and asks for a copy of Londo’s message to G’Kar, which he intends to examine for any reflections or other clues. Vir takes a deep breath and goes to see G’Kar again (even though Garibaldi retracts his request and offers to get the message from G’Kar himself). G’Kar still behaves like a right bastard, but this time Vir stands up for himself and G’Kar snaps out of his pity party for a brief moment and acknowledges that he’s not the only one who’s deeply invested in Londo’s safe return.

Virtually the moment he goes through Customs on Babylon 5, Vir throws himself full force into the investigation, joining a meeting in security between Garibaldi, Zack Allen and Roger. Afterwards, he returns to his quarters and burns the midnight oil searching Londo’s correspondence for clues. Very, very early the next morning, he is visited by a mysterious Human traveler who shares with Vir rumors that Londo was taken into his universe using some sort of magic and that Londo’s abductors were seen trying to purchase a wand. The visitor is also well acquainted with the exploits of Legate Damar, which leads Vir to believe that Londo might be near Deep Space Nine- or at the very least, in the same universe. Vir sends a message to Anna Sheridan asking her to meet him for breakfast, as well as a message to Zack Allen asking to meet with him later that afternoon.

Restless, Vir leaves his quarters and wanders about the station, eventually, through force of habit alone, finding himself in Londo’s quarters, where G’Kar has taken up residence for the duration. This time around, G’Kar is vastly more tolerant of Vir’s presence and, in a surprising (at least to Vir) turn of attitude, asks Vir for his opinion on recent events. Vir’s heart and capacity for insight is once again in evidence in his reply.

During breakfast with Anna, Vir learns that indeed Anna’s wand was stolen from her recently. He also learns that Anna is a technomage. Anna offers to search for evidence of technomancy in Londo’s quarters, but warns Vir that a mage can conceal his trail. Alas, the warning is prophetic- Anna finds nothing in her attempt and a helpless Vir attempts to distract himself by cleaning Londo’s quarters.

Meanwhile, on Centauri Prime, Timov is summoned to the royal palace by the Regent himself. You see, the Drakh currently in residence in the palace have a vested interest in Londo’s safe return as well and have been conducting their own investigation. Through a source of their own, the Drakh discovered that Londo was spotted on Deep Space Nine a few days before. The Regent, wishing to spare Londo his ultimate fate, initially refused to act upon this information, but he was tortured into compliance. It is at this point in the story that Timov arrives at the palace. The Regent tells Timov what he knows, and Timov, now frightened for the Regent’s sanity, returns home and immediately contacts Vir. In their conversation, Timov omits her impression of the Regent to spare Vir further stress, then counsels Vir to take care of himself and let the security teams do their job.

Armed with new information, Vir sends communications to individuals he knows are currently in Deep Space Nine’s universe… including Na’Toth. Na’Toth, who is also in love with G’Kar and is furious that G’Kar has pledged himself to Londo, treats Vir with contempt, but lets slip that she has seen technomages from Babylon 5’s universe on Deep Space Nine.

Vir has barely slept and he’s barely eaten since this whole ordeal began. Near collapse, he still pushes on, calling G’Kar, Zack and Roger to his quarters for another meeting to discuss the new evidence he’s discovered. G’Kar resolves to speak with Na’Toth himself, while Zack and Roger both notice the awful shape Vir’s in and try to convince the young Centauri to relax.

In his conversation with Na’Toth, G’Kar learns that an auction will be held on Babylon 5, selling Londo to the highest bidder. He sends messages to security and to Vir detailing the new information. Vir, exhausted, desperate and not thinking straight, goes off to crash the auction on his own. In the process, he loses the entirety of his humble inheritance and all the money in his personal accounts, and is beaten into unconsciousness by an irate mob- though he does manage to knock out the lead technomage using the element of surprise and delivers a passionate and stubborn defense of his friend. Alas, he won’t remember that last part due to the concussion, but the others, who I’m sure have been listening to the rumors, can fill him in when he wakes up in the Med Lab and is reunited with Londo at last. (The wake-up/reunion thread will be set up for you guys as soon as I find out what condition Londo’s in when he’s rescued. ;))

Whew! After all that, I firmly believe that Vir deserves to get laid. And I think I know how to do it, too. Because, you see, after this trauma, Vir’s going to be very reluctant to let Londo out of his sight. And with all of Vir’s inevitable anxious mother-henning, I can totally see Londo getting so aggravated that he resolves to do something about it. *g*

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

Subject:Catching up before we embark on THE THING
Time:9:28 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
Since I last left off, Shiv'kala (londos_torment) has taken a brief moment to muse on how one exploits the weaknesses of every governmental system, while the others... well, the others have been very busy. *g* And since your mun is admittedly quite fond of chivalry, we shall start with our lady first:

Timov (timov_of_algul

With circumstances requiring that Londo and G'Kar make a trip to Centauri Prime (and you may scan my fellow mun's updates below for the specific context), Timov found herself playing host to a pair of naughty boys. Remarkably, she kept her temper firmly in check, only threatening to throw them out once and even humoring her foolish husband when he forced them all to improvise verses over dinner- though, naturally, she managed to infuse her rhyme with her own acerbic wit.

Ah, but if there's one thing Timov has learned over the course of her marriage, it's to never expect consistency from her spouse. And so it was that in the early morning after this evening of relative good will, Timov found Londo brooding in the front room over matters of the heart and its conflict with the state. Unable to tolerate Londo's self pity for long, Timov bluntly counseled Londo to make his choice, tell G'Kar and be done with it instead of wallowing in self serving anguish. And yet, even in her irritation, Timov admitted in the privacy of her thoughts that a part of her felt sorry for Londo. The duality of her feelings for her husband continues.

And more recently, Timov was provided with an extended opportunity to get to know her husband's aide. Joining Vir on his sabbatical, Timov found him a most pleasant companion on the very first day, thanks in large part to Vir's natural skill with the youngest children.

Which brings us quite conveniently to my first, most tortured muse:

Vir (vir_cotto_tm)

Poor, sweet Vir. Alas, his troubles continued apace over the past several weeks as the saga of Life with Londo (TM) unspooled in new tragic directions.

But first, Vir was hit with a terrible revelation of a not-Londo-related variety when it was discovered that Mariel was involved in the conspiracy against the Rangers. Thunderstruck, Vir fortunately found solace in a conversation with his friend and peer, Lennier.

Then, after a fleeting respite with Anna, Londo left for his state visit to Centauri Prime with G'Kar... and returned a broken man. In the aftermath of Minister Vazini's cruel intrusion, Vir was asked by Londo to see to G'Kar's well being before the Narn departed for Minbar. In grief, Vir tried to keep to his word, but he was flatly rebuffed by G'Kar. The big meanie. Distraught, Vir could no longer leave Londo alone. And Londo, seeing Vir in tears over a pain that wasn't his, grew incensed and stormed off to say goodbye to G'Kar in person afterall. Not inclined to limit himself to the mundane, Londo of coursesaid goodbye in the most dramatic manner possible, leaving Vir even more traumatized than he was before. The following morning brought breakfast with Londo, which was very nearly spoiled by a call from Vazini. But somehow, Londo and Vir managed to capture what little hope they could.

With all the stress of recent events, it was inevitable that Vir's health would begin to suffer. After collapsing in a meeting with Delenn, Vir was ordered by Londo to go on vacation and after a little dogged persuasion, Vir agreed. Enroute to Minbar, Vir wrote a sweet letter to G'Kar in an attempt to move forward, and was rewarded with a far more gracious reception from the Narn. Touched, Vir, after delivering an impassioned plea for Centauri expatriot Vito Aleron's return, proceeded at once to Tuzanor in the hopes of healing old wounds. Once there, he was confronted with some awfully awkward revelations into the recent sexual activities of both of his friends, thanks in large part to the trashy journalism of galaxygab, and was also brought face to face with G'Kar's fierce denial, an experience that was echoed later in the evening in a call from Londo. Disheartened by both Londo's and G'Kar's behavior, Vir spent a restless night wishing for the seemingly impossible.

And then Londo had to go and get himself kidnapped and I cursed my fellow muns mightily, but with great affection, for their evildoing. *g* Stay tuned in the coming weeks, for there shall be much Vir angst and a fair amount of Timov-related activity as well.

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Wednesday, May 19th, 2004

Subject:Update from LCG
Time:3:04 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
You know, I feel embarassed about using this thing so often. *Looks pointedly at fellow Muns who could update, too.* But the muses have lead a busy life...

1.) londo_mollari: Was about to complain to me about all the misery I put him through (as if the show doesn't enough), when at last I managed to do something nice for him. But first, misery. After Minister Vazini couldn't resist telling G'Kar that Londo intends to dump him for the sake of Centauri Prime once he has become Emperor, the two had their dramatic break-up. Londo tried to stay in his quarters till G'Kar was gone with Garibaldi for company, but Vir showed up, having been rejected in his well-intentioned efforts at taking care of G'Kar by the sulky Narn (who probably guessed this had been Londo's idea). Vir's very distressed state caused more guilt and some anger, and Londo stormed off to say goodbye to G'Kar in person after all. Which he did , grand bloody gestures and all.

The next morning was spent with Vir, and our two Centauri managed to take care of each other, though they got interrupted by Vazini, which gave both of them a chance to vent. Despite his determination of presenting a cheerful facade from now on, Londo wrote some brooding letters to G'Kar, or tried to, finally sending the entire confusing bunch to Minbar, via a Ranger courier provided by Delenn. This led to some deep discussions with Delenn as well, and caused a dinner invitation on Londo's part. Vir having gotten sick in between and having been ordered to take a vacation, he was quite alone, and just starting galactic worker exchange programs for the sake of more tolerance among the Centauri doesn't quite cut it.

Meanwhile, G'Kar replied, not without sharing unwanted details of his life among the Rangers (such as all the great sex he's been having), and before you know it, Londo and he were snarking at each other like you wouldn't believe. Mind you, the most humiliating thing about this to Londo was that he's actually feeling jealous which he never did in any relationship before, and didn't know he was capable of. Said humiliating jealousy led to some inventive planning on Londo's part.

Firstly, he'll organize a fashion show, both to show the Centauri at their best to the galaxy at large, and to show how splendidly he's doing on his own. Secondly, during the dinner with Delenn, he gave her the Londo Mollari version of "I feel awful, you're my friend, we're adults, let's have sex together". Aside from loneliness, not being in the mood for empty sex with a stranger and not willing to have sex with someone who might actually fall in love with him, either, and sincere admiration for Delenn, there is, of course, the not so hidden desire to get back at G'Kar. After all, G'Kar in the middle of his boasts had made the mistake of saying he had no patience for sex with a Minbari, plus now that G'Kar is in the Rangers, Delenn is his boss. A Centauri does have an eye for status, after all.*g*

To Londo's surprise and delight, Delenn said yes and even offered three nights instead of the one night stand Londo had suggested, plus a third party (as three are sacred). So instead of brooding about past guilt, present tensions and future doom, Londo has the prospect of three nights with two beautiful women. He's even determined to be very discreet about it, given that he's aware humans have a different idea of sexual faithfulness than Centauri or Minbari. On the other hand, G'Kar has to find out...

2.) tm_carolyn: Carolyn had a romantic mind date with Bester when everything went to hell in a handbasket. First they got interrupted by Franklin. Then Garibaldi tells her there is a chance for the frozen telepaths to be healed, but that he'll keep her as a hostage to ensure Bester lets the other rogues go. When she was still reeling from that (and the guilt at seeing Garibaldi's point but doubting Al would let himself be blackmailed this way), recent crossover guest Roger Smith went from latent to active telepath in Garibaldi's vicinity, causing Bester to investigate at once.

Carolyn enlisted varzil_neskaya's help, who promised sanctuary for Roger on Darkover should it become necessary; she also pointed out to Garibaldi that there was a precedent for granting a rogue telepath asylum on the station (Lyta Alexander). Now she's steeling herself for the inevitable argument with Al.

3) galaxygab: with Den Rendall currently captured, along with the rest of the Black Glory crew, by Scorpius & Co. in the Farscape universe, his report on the sensation goings-on in the Unchartered Territories will have to wait. Meanwhile, Giselle Burton is busy interviewing people. One Mrs. Reynolds (aka Saffron from Firefly) told her some juicy details about Malcolm Reynolds & Co., and Damar has made the mistake of agreeing to an interview as well. Moroever, a sensational new Morden story is in the making. Await the new edition!
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Monday, April 26th, 2004

Subject:Update from LCG
Time:11:58 am.
Mood: accomplished.
Oh dear, oh dear. The pups have certainly been busy.

1) londo_mollari: arrived on Centauri Prime and told the Centaurum what's what. This worked out reasonably well, though the reminder of the impending price to be paid was always present, even during some private time with G'Kar.

Then there was a fun dinner with Timov and G'Kar, during which Timov only to threatened to kick them out once. (Which was totally G'Kar's fault.) There was snark, moodswings, sparring, angst and bad poetry to be had along with the food, too. Afterwards, G'Kar got his wish (you know what I mean), but Londo wandered around aimlessly in the early morning hours, met Timov again and got some good advice. (To be written shortly by her mun.)

Of course, theatrical_muse just had to ask about monarchy versus democracy this week, about which Londo went on at considerable length, only to be interrupted by good news about the Centaurum and a cruel revelation. How will G'Kar react? Stay tuned...

2) tm_carolyn: was just busy kidding mikegaribaldi about Jedis when lo and behold, Bester showed up! Which made her very happy but also very worried, as she explains to her pal Anna. Anna advised non-interference in the inevitable Garibaldi-Bester clash once Bester comes to the station, and otherwise volunteered to buy presents for Al. (Which was very good of her, especially since Carolyn could hardly ask Garibaldi to do it.)

3) galaxygab: published its most controversial issue yet, which resulted in law suits from Morden, Sheridan and Draco. This didn't impress our staff in the slightest, considering Sheridan is an outlaw with a countersuit about theft of govermental property and acts of terrorism on his head, Morden is legally dead anyway (plus the Z'Ha'Dum branch of Wolfram and Hart got sharply reminded by the Senior Partners that the Earth Office agreed to represent Galaxy Gab first, because really, who is the bigger evil, a tabloid or a has-been who watches Touched with an Angel and collects artifacts instead of ruining everyone's lives these days?), and Draco made the mistake of letting himself presented by that push-over, Cornelius Fudge.

Moreover, lt_teeg of Farscape fame rushed to the defense of Captain Crais (who got slandered in said issue) , which resulted in a delightful exchange of words, providing Giselle Burton with some juicy quots for the next edition.

Speaking of Giselle, thanks to varzil_neskaya and natoth she's not the only reporter presented by an icon anymore. After all, a classy newspaper like Galaxy Gab has more than one staff member. Reporter Den Randall went undercover with the Crais/Crichton/Teeg rescue mission. Mind you, since they've found Scorpius by now, he'll probably regret it, but on the other hand, expect hair-raising tales of the exploits of our Farscape guests now they're not on B5 anymore.

Lastly, Giselle, busy woman that she is, currently negotiates with Morden's friend Craig. She's not even fibbing about the offer of getting him into contact with the agent of Reebo & Zooty; rock stars are always good business for a tabloid.
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Thursday, April 15th, 2004

Subject:Update: Great Maker
Time:6:24 am.
Mood: accomplished.
1.) londo_mollari: had a grand old time for a while, until the B5 laws reasserted themselves and brought horrible suffering. And no, I'm not talking about empathy for poor Vir. But first things first: Londo has a (utterly platonic) date with Anna for coffee, tea or jaala where she finally can meet Vir and just hang out. Of course, given the state both Centauri are now in, chances are Anna should bring some comfort chocolate along.

He also had fun sparring with Timov and reuniting Crais and John Crichton, who now plan to head back to the UTs and rescue Aeryn. . Arranging for Mariel's exile once she was exposed as a conspirator might have been fun, were it not for the fact that Mariel played Vir for a sucker and the poor boy is heartbroken.

In between, there was a new edition of galaxygab and some fabulous sex with G'Kar, about which the later was completely indiscreet, which one the one hand is endearing and on the other contributed to the woe that was to come, since it was the official confirmation for all the tabloid rumours. Next thing you know, Londo is forced to choose between G'Kar and Centauri Prime. How will he decide? Come on, people. You do remember the relevant scenes from the show.

But he won't tell G'Kar yet...

2.) tm_carolyn: had more enlightening chats with Varzil, got a visit from Anna when the later comes to the station, and right now is terribly worried about her new friend Michael.

3.) galaxygab: tried to interview john__crichton who expertedly handled her, but got all the information she could ask for from citizengkar. Continues to outclass Morden as most hated person in the B5verse. Oh, and there was a new edition, but as this was written by my darling fellow Mun and only beta'd by me, the thrilling tale of composing it is hers to tell.*g*

Off I go to visit The Other Space station in the cause of moral support...

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004

Time:5:09 am.
Mood: anxious.
So. I finally got a chance to catch up on recent happenings with _mariel just now (both jobs kept me away from the internet for most of today). How are you guys planning to break it to Vir? I need a cyber meeting with my peeps! *g*

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Sunday, April 11th, 2004

Subject:A not-really-a-full-update update
Time:3:22 am.
Mood: geeky.
Vir let it slip to _mariel that he is prophesied to be emperor. He also, naturally, tried to bring Londo out of his dark blue funk. But aside from those two events, my pups have been on hiatus for the past few days. So I shall wait for a bit before doing a full update in the patented inbigtrouble style. ;)

However, there is a question I should like to ask my fellow muns, whom I love: Have you guys dreamed up entire life histories- from birth to present day- for your pups too? Or is that just me?

I have this long biography in my head for Vir that includes everything from the circumstances of his birth to speculations on just why his family neglected him emotionally to a description of where he grew up to a notion of which gods were worshipped in his household to even a few musings about the history of his house. And I plumb that mental narrative all the time. Is that totally insane?

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Saturday, April 10th, 2004

Time:8:04 pm.
Hey, hobsonphile -- pour vous:

Any more requests? I remind you both we still have a good ten more spaces to fill, thanks to a generous gift from Vir!mun.

Also -- a note. Since Selena's ahead of both of us, timezonewise, LJ doesn't like it if I post immediately after her, since it believes it's gone back in time and gets confused. I'm overriding this by manually setting the time in the little time box that pops up when I post; you'll probably have to do the same. And henceforth shall this journal exist in middle Europe time. *g*
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Time:6:00 pm.
Man, have my fruitcakes pups ever been busy. In ascending order of height:

  • _delenn is kind, and good, and sweet, and sarcastic, and vulnerable, and wise, and loving, and in need of love. If she weren't already engaged to a man who's currently married to a woman who was proposed to by a man who's in love with one of my other pups, I'd take Delenn in a womanly fashion right here and right now. All of this, of course, is common knowledge, and not far in the way of updating, so I'll back up. Delenn was looking forward to her dinner with John, but got sidetracked twice on the way, first by an accidental run-in with a highly addictive video game (for which Lennier is entirely to blame), and second, and more significantly, by a very distraught Vir, who required a little of Delenn's special TLC and a tutorial on meditation.

    Responsibilities taken care of, Delenn continued on to John's quarters, where she put her debatable cooking skills to work and remembered why she'd fallen in love with him in the first place. He told her he was divorcing Anna, and Delenn -- strong though she might be -- is an everlovin' puddle of bliss knowing she'll be with John forever.

    Her own love life taken care of, Delenn saw fit to drop by Londo Mollari's quarters, curious about his sudden departure from the station to go rescue G'Kar. Londo told Delenn a little about the situation with G'Kar, though not nearly all, and asked her if she would kindly avail her services as chaperon to Londo and G'Kar's inevitable fight reconciliation. Of course, she agreed immediately. What a good girl she is.

  • theprefect continues to wreak havok everywhere he roams. Though his ultimate goal is to STIR UP EEEVVILLL, he's realized he might need some allies before anyone takes him and his evil seriously. Having been rejected by the vamp Drusilla, he turned to his old friend former-Kai Winn, and they've begun to rebuild some of their former relationship in the Great Love of the Pah-Wraiths. At the same time, Dukat has found a new home aboard the spaceship Serenity, despite the fact that Serenity's captain, Malcolm Reynolds hasn't officially accepted Dukat's bid for inclusion in her crew. Eh. Details, details.

  • And then there's citizengkar, poet, lover, insufferable pain in the ass. After several weeks in the catacombs of Tu'Pari's terrorist base, G'Kar was whisked away rescued by the merry men of Mollari, Crichton, Na'Toth and Damar. Having left a quite poignant suicide/love note to his dear Mollari, G'Kar was less than thrilled to learn that he was going to survive the mission after all, and that he would be forced to live with his choices. So he sulked.

    In a rare show of sensitivity, Mollari took the first step toward repairing things with G'Kar, and got Delenn to play mediator to their reconciliation (see above). Before Mollari showed up, however, G'Kar got a chance to talk to his friend Delenn, and to discuss with her his plans to join the Rangers. Then Londo showed up, there was some shouting, Londo was his heartbreaking and seductive self, G'Kar kissed him, and Londo fainted dead away at it.

    But G'Kar is on his feet again, so to speak, or, at the very least, coming to accept his fate at being stuck with Londo and G'Kar's feelings for the bombastic sonofabitch. Plus, Anna Sheridan explained why she was so upset with G'Kar at the party, and G'Kar got a chance to apologize, and hopes very much that she'll accept it.

    Then he'll go off and join the Rangers and will be honored in story and song!

All in all, things are just about status quo. If you're a PSYCHOTIC LOVESTRUCK MANIAC, that is.

Have a lovely day.

mun!DDG, Radio D-Dawg, your very own, Sab
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Subject:Update for reasons of fun insanity
Time:5:50 pm.
Mood: content.
Just a Londo update, because nothing new happened to Carolyn yet since the last one.

londo_mollari: was busy explaining his master plan for rescuing G'Kar when last I broke of summarizing. At that point, it was a good question whether Londo or his quickly recruited sidekick, John Crichton, were more insane adventurous when it came to this planning and rescue business.

Meanwhile, G'Kar, the silly Narn, was busy preparing to blow himself up together with the bad guys and took the time to send a heroic suicide note off to Londo (this will come in later, folks), before getting down to business. The rescue mission was a resounding success if you judge it by the fact all our heroes were still alive at the end, and Tu'Pari (chief bad guy) dead, thanks to G'Kar, but otherwise, it was pretty much a disaster. Yes, you guessed it, much mutual yelling, biting observations, and a complete retreat into silence on the way back. And let's not even mention G'Kar nearly killed Crichton by accident (fault of Londo's Grand Plan, if you want to get technical - Crichton was posing as a mercenary selling Londo to the bad guys). However, both Londo and G'Kar did their best to make it up to John later.

Once back on the station, Londo, retreating in his quarters, found G'Kar's little message and promptly reacted with a mixture of even stronger anger and very serious, depressed brooding. (Well, wouldn't you, given what G'Kar had written?) However, it was Delenn to the rescue, and here I have to fangirl my fellow scribe all over again. Not only is she a fabulous G'Kar, but her Delenn is utterly delightful. After his little chat with Delenn, Londo showed up for a talk with G'Kar at her quarters (naturally, nobody informed G'Kar Londo would).

Then the boys got serious again. I feel vaguely guilty about letting Londo pass out at the end of it, since he's going to be so embarrassed later, but hey, the guy hadn't slept for days because of the rescue business and had gotten beat up by John and Na'Toth for cover reasons.

Moreover, he got a nice surprise when he woke up - Anna wrote , and offered continuing friendship. So his relationships are in the best state they've been for a while.

Of course, now he's going to a) read past messages and make up his mind about a call to Timov, and b) find about about G'Kar's little secret...

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Friday, April 9th, 2004

Time:5:06 am.
Not a mun update so much as a mun FYI -- particularly for legate_damar:


I've done some kung fu translation and it seems our friend Na'Toth may be developing a crush on our favorite (nicer) Cardassian...
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Thursday, April 8th, 2004

Subject:Introduction the Third (Parties)
Time:12:48 am.
Mood: accomplished.
Greetings from the third member of our most peculiar OT3! I play the third parties- benevolent, indifferent, and malevolent- in the strange ‘ship that is Londo/G’Kar. They are, in order of relative recent activity:

Vir (vir_cotto_tm)

Vir is the benevolent third party who- much like the kid who gets squicked at the thought of his parents having sex- would prefer not to think about what Londo and G’Kar might be doing behind closed doors, yet is willing to stand at Londo’s side as a supportive and insightful friend.

(Many fandoms have the old Benevolent-Third-Party-Who-Gets-The-Couple-Together cliché- we have the Benevolent-Third-Party-Who-Shyly-Minds-His-Own-Business. ;))

The past few weeks have turned Vir’s universe upside down and sideways and things are not slated to get better any time soon.

Soon after Londo returned from a sudden undercover mission bringing news of a conspiracy to shatter the fragile peace, Vir was attacked and temporarily blinded by a Centauri assailant who fled the station soon after. Londo shared his quarters with his incapacitated attaché for a time, taking over the role of principal caregiver while inwardly plotting all manner of brutal and deadly punishments for Vir’s attacker. Though Londo tried to keep his dark thoughts from his friend for Vir’s sake, Vir picked up on them anyway and urged Londo to promise that he would not take matters into his own hands. With Londo quite predictably less than willing to make that promise and with G’Kar determined to seek out the people responsible on his own, Vir desperately pleaded with both Londo and G’Kar not to leave him out of things and, in a remarkable act of bravery, voluntarily submitted himself to a telepathic scan in an effort to remember the attacker’s identity, despite the difficult memories such a scan would revive.

Meanwhile, while on his sickbed, Vir was visited by the lady Mariel (_mariel), who took up the role of gentle nurse but clearly had other villainous goals in mind. Vulnerable and innately trusting, Vir fell for her ruse and began to develop an attraction to the fatal beauty, eventually inviting Mariel to his Ascension Day celebration.

To make up for the unpleasantness of the above described events, Londo made the arrangements for a massive celebration in honor of the tenth anniversary of Vir’s Ascension Day. Vir, his sight by then restored, was overwhelmed and touched by the outpouring of good wishes from his guests. He had not experienced such good will on his first Ascension Day.

But it wouldn’t be Babylon 5 without drama, and the party provided drama in spades for poor Vir. During a game of Truth or Dare led by a boisterous Londo, Vir was shocked to hear a clearly intoxicated G’Kar declare his love for Londo and was shocked further still when Londo returned the sentiment. And that was not all. Oh, no. For then the party was crashed by the unscrupulous galaxygab, who, after a run-in with ranger_wun, cornered Vir and Na’Toth because she perceived Vir to be an easy target. Vir valiantly tried to defend the privacy and dignity of his guests, but, alas, merely confirmed the tabloid reporter’s most lurid preconceptions. And then, with the reporter still lingering among the party goers despite repeated attempts to remove her, G’Kar elected to reappear just as Londo was busy proposing to shadow_anna, leading to what can only be described as a lovers spat. Vir was forced to watch helplessly as Londo and G’Kar roared drunkenly at each other and basically made one hell of a scene. Londo and G’Kar then abruptly departed to take each other against a wall settle their differences, leaving Vir in the awkward position of being suddenly in charge.

But do not fear- there were pleasant results from the party as well. Vir met his friend vila_restal face to face, shared a sweet kiss with Mariel (though, I fear, he will come to regret it later), and reveled in the joy of song with Londo. He also acquired a new furry companion, a kitten he decided, on the advice of a nurse in the Med Lab, to name Duck. Though the night was exhausting- and though certain events did leave Vir feeling extremely awkward and embarrassed around Londo the next day- Vir did have a good time overall.

Unfortunately, the good will of the celebration quickly dissipated the next day with the release of galaxygab’s expose and Londo’s sudden departure from the station. With only a short, cryptic message from Londo to go on, Vir assumed the worst had happened to G’Kar and that Londo was potentially heading into the same danger. Approaching a nervous breakdown after an unsuccessful attempt to catch Londo before he left, Vir ran into Delenn (literally) in the corridor. Delenn, seeing Vir’s distressed and hastily put-together appearance, led Vir into the arboretum in an attempt to calm the young Centauri and ascertain just what in bloody hell was going on. In their conversation, Vir demonstrated his immense capacity for interpersonal insight despite his panicked state and Delenn gave Vir some advice on how to soothe his anxiety while waiting for Londo and G’Kar to return. Vir left the conversation measurably calmer, but still concerned over the fate of his friends.

But this is far from the end. Vir will need Delenn’s advice more than ever in the coming days as he fields endless calls from homeworld and takes on the duties of ambassador in Londo’s stead. And galaxygab is not through with Babylon 5 just yet. Her biggest story is yet to come- and it will feature Vir in a central role thanks to the duplicity of the cunning Mariel.

Timov (timov_of_algul)

Meanwhile, the shockwaves generated by galaxygab reached Timov as well, leading to all sorts of headache and aggravation for Londo’s remaining spouse as Timov was forced to endure an endless stream of infernal gossip mongers, including galaxygab herself. But rest assured- Timov has no intention of giving any of these vermin satisfaction.

Timov is the indifferent third party. She doesn’t care one wit (or at least, she claims she doesn’t care) about Londo’s sexual habits, though she does severely disapprove of Londo’s poor timing and should like to smack him the next time she sees him.

And in another timeline completely, we have…

Shiv’kala (londos_torment)

G’Kar has arrived at the royal palace, and Shiv’kala remains on guard, though he is confident G’Kar- and the love Londo harbors for him- can be forged into a useful tool to ensure obedience. Shiv’kala is the malevolent third party (obviously) who looks upon Londo’s relationship with G’Kar with inhuman clinical detachment

Stay tuned as the plots thicken...

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004

Subject:Introduction the second
Time:11:29 am.
Mood: amused.
Valtoo, everyone - the second Mun, graciously invited by her soulmate (in a open-minded Centauri manner, of course, not in an jealous irrational Narn manner *g*) is here to report on events big and small in her muses' lives.

1) londo_mollari: Oh Londo, Londo, Londo. You were doing so well a while ago - only one post or so a week, and a calm correspondence with some new theatrical_muse friends. You even coped with the reappearance of mr_morden reasonably well. It was a good late season 4 life, was it not? But no. You had to have your drama. And your parties. And your posts every over freakin' day. What about my life, eh?

To sum up the most recent events:
At the party to celebrate Vir's tenth scension Day anniversary and recovery from an attack, Londo was stunned to hear citizengkar, who was on a secret mission and only present via hologramm, courtesy of Draal and the Great Machine, declare his love. Then the bloody Narn went away before Londo could say something in return. What was a Centauri to do?

Propose to someone else, obviously. In recent weeks, Londo befriended and then started an outrageous flirtation with shadow_anna, Anna Sheridan. It was all in good fun for a while, a mixture of genuine sympathy for a fellow escapee from the darkness and Londo's default mode with a pretty woman, but then, being Londo, he actually did fall for her. (Monogamy and the idea that one can only love one person at a time is something which a true Centauri just doesn't get.) So, still reeling from the unexpected G'Kar declaration and taking relationship advise from pixie_viscera, otherwise known as the vampire Drusilla, Londo asked Anna to marry him and was overheard by G'Kar. Shouting and a very public scene ensued, followed by a discreet exit by our heroes to Londo's quarters. (Crafty Londo had gotten a charm by lily_potter that allowed G'Kar to become corporeal for an hour or two before. Make up your own minds as to what could have possibly motivated Londo to ask for that one.)

He was remarkably mellow afterwards, writing a heartfelt letter of apology to Anna (who was compared to Morden by G'Kar during the shouting match), and coming as close as he could a love note to G'Kar. For the record, if Anna had said yes, Londo thinks it would have been perfectly reasonable to set up house with her and G'Kar. (Given G'Kar's past track record, he doesn't think G'Kar would have objected, either.)

The mellow mood lasted as long as it took Londo to a) read the papers, for lo and behold, a reporter had been at the party, and b) work out that G'Kar probably wouldn't have said what he did unless G'Kar thought he was going to die pretty soon. This resulted in Londo shouting at all and sunder about the galaxygab story, in him getting G'Kar's location out of Damar, and in hiring new arrival John Crichton as an expert in idiotic rescue missions.

Londo has just revealed his master plan, which is guaranteed to make G'Kar want to kill him if they make it out alive...

2) tm_carolyn: aka Carolyn Sanderson, the rogue telepath Al Bester fell in love with and made his temporary deal with the good guys for. Turns out that Carolyn's consciousness ended up in the B5 com systems (as she was linked to the entire station when Franklin sedated her) while her body is still frozen. Carolyn overheard mikegaribaldi fondly imagining her beloved's painful death and, not unnaturally, had something to say about that. After she and Garibaldi had calmed down, they surprisingly (and very happily for the Mun) are starting to develop a tentative friendly relationship. Garibaldi even allowed her one telepathic contact (which confirmed her suspicion that he's a low-level latent telepath himself (P2 at most, but she didn't tell him - that was left for a Minbari telepath to do), makes some inquiries for her, and is occasional great company , while she has been able to help him out a little in return.

Carolyn also befriended shadow_anna (a popular woman, that Anna) - after all, pretty much the same thing happened to them, except Anna had it even worse since Bester could find Carolyn and the others with Sheridan's help (as seen in the episode Ship of Tears) before they were actually inserted into the Shadow vessels. As Anna is currently somewhat upset by Londo's proposal and G'Kar's accusations, Carolyn was able to provide some girl talk to cheer Anna up.

Outside the B5 universe, Carolyn found another telepath to talk to - varzil_neskaya, Varzil Ridenow from Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover Chronicles. Not unexpectedly, she's fascinated by the idea of an entire world with telepaths as a major population group, and the two have been busy bringing each other up do date on the B5 verse and the Darkover'verse respectively. (The Mun has read the Darkover novels as a teenager and was delighted to find Varzil, btw.) However, while Carolyn thinks she had some success in showing Garibaldi that Bester isn't a complete bastard, she inadvertendly added Varzil to the number of people who think Bester is just that. (That's our Al. Makes enemies even when he isn't trying and actually being reported about by someone whom he genuinenly loves and hangs out with mundanes for.) Varzil has also been able to make telepathic contact with Carolyn; he's a Keeper, after all. (No, not a B5 one! The word has very different associations in Darkover.)

3) and outside of the theatrical_muse community: There is galaxygab and its chief reporter, Giselle Burton. Originally, Giselle was supposed to be just a one-time lark, as the Mun really doesn't have the time for another t_m-muse, but due to the fact that Ms Burton a) managed to leave Morden behind so quickly in the "most hated person in the B5 verse" competition, it was decided to reward Giselle's loyal fans by asking the soulmate referred to above to share galaxygab duties. So, what can our faithful readers expect next? More tabloid stories about our heroes, of course! Plus Dukat still owes Ms. Burton an interview, and timov_of_algul has provided her (unintentionally, of course) with a juicy quote about Londo's sex life...
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Monday, April 5th, 2004

Subject:big trouble indeed
Time:1:34 pm.
Blatantly and unabashedly ripping off draco_mun, because all these tiny people are getting terribly hard to keep track of.

That said, here's where the pups are at today:

  • _delenn remains her usual unflappable self, and is mainly worried about mikegaribaldi as he begins to learn more about what's happened during his missing years. She's glad to see vir_cotto_tm up and about after his traumatic temporary blindness, and she's got an ear to the ground about the rumored plot against ranger_wun and the Rangers. Still, she's cool as a cucumber and could teach her brother pups a lesson or two. Tonight she's cooking omelettes for _sheridan and glad of the chance to spend some quality time with him.

  • theprefect is wandering around trying to stir up trouble, but at this point he's mostly disgruntled by the widespread plague of morality that seems to have hit the theatrical muse community, thus preventing any really interesting evil from having its day. He's teamed up with his old friend kaiwinnadami in an effort to spread the eeeeevilll love of the Pah-Wraiths into new parts of the galaxy, but at the end of the day, he just wants pixie_viscera to sire him into the very first Cardassian vamp. So far, no dice.

  • citizengkar, of course, is a splendid pain in the ass who's gone off to get himself killed in what he's obviously considered a stunning act of sacrifice in the name of the Rangers. On patrol with legate_damar and natoth, he discovered the base of the anti-Ranger Narns bent on killing ranger_wun and framing the Rangers themselves for it, and G'Kar's decided the best course of action is to blow up the base, taking out the bad guys and dying a martyr's death in the process. So far, only legate_damar knows the details of G'Kar's top secret mission, but londo_mollari's got designs on finding out, and a vested interest in bringing G'Kar home safe and sound.

    Drunk on the power of the Great Machine, G'Kar accidentally professed his love for Londo, and then had a wee hysterical fit when Londo turned around and proposed marriage to shadow_anna without the slightest consideration for his beloved Narn. Very loud and public shouting ensued, followed by a tasteful fade to black, and the next morning G'Kar returned to his noble crusade...but not before he slipped a private love note to Londo.

Love and kisses,
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